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The Genius Inventor's Corner.

Aka the basement where the gadgets are made.

Professor Hiroshi Agasa
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(Role Playing Journal for dagronrat.)

I am Professor Agasa, the great inventor!
My young neighbour Shinichi Kudo can say all he wants about my inventions, but they are not "mere useless gadgets."
Even the children agree. The young Detective Boy club is always telling me how they like my creations! They have used them succesfully to fight crime, no less! (Not that I encourage them to get into danger mind you. One would expect them to know better by now, but it seems fate likes to regularly put the odd case in their path.)
Apart from creating new inventions to better life in today's society, I am fond of camping, babysitting, bad puns, and the colour of peach tree leaves in autumn.

For those who have asked, the user name of this journal comes from a nickname a famous author friend of mine gave me after solving a code involving suns for the caracters in my name.